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Providing business leaders with a road map to value creation

Sporos Advisory Group maximizes enterprise value through strategic, financial and operational planning and positions companies to capitalize on growth opportunities through a strengthened and scalable infrastructure.

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Great vision with poor execution will fail. Poor vision with great execution will fail.

The Cannabis industry is comprised of visionaries that are entrepreneurial and daring. The Sporos Advisory team, leveraging its relationship with Mackinac Partners, provides management teams with a broad range of services and the additional bandwidth needed to be successful in a rapidly evolving industry.


Sporos Advisory is focused on servicing the Cannabis industry. The combination of rapid industry growth, expansion of legalization and the challenges that come with early-stage businesses, can put a strain on management teams that are already stretched thin. Companies that bring in additional resources and experienced advisors, that can add specialized expertise and additional bandwidth, will successfully capitalize on the immediate opportunities and maximize value.

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